This is the website serving the musical exploits of Nifty Eagu & the Glo-Pilots,
a time-travelling
Skinbat Scramble,
the resplendent (if somewhat aquatic)
Coochie's Bream, the eerie Ghost Lilacs and the psychedelic spluttering-back-into-life after 30 years of silence that is Quag II.

A lot has not happened this year, but Heat From A Dead Star, Chop Chop Bear Touch, RGAF, Apollo Records and Sammy's Drycleaners have all gone. Mother almost went but decided to stick around for a while yet.

There is No next Nifty Night at the moment - we were going to have one after Xmas and before the New Year but we can't find any bands. So instead the new trio format Skinbat Scramble should be playing at a regular Forum gig on a date TBA.

The Venue: The Forum, Fonthill Common, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, 8.00pm, as usual. See The Forum's website at for all their stuff and tickets.

We are still trying to get around to releasing the Nifty Nights Live Compilation documenting 5 or 6 years of the 11 years since we started doing these events.