Sunday, August 6th, aka Departure 40, was a grand night. First off were Nifty Eagu & the Glo-Pilots, (seen above and right). DAN THE TWANG got up at the end and ran through a few sterling Link Wray numbers before finishing with a slow, weird "Miserlou". The kids loved it, the grannies loved it and the "Old Groovers" loved it, especially "Bandana Greg" (no, that's not banana spelt wrong!). DJ for the night was Mr "Deep Jock" Hawkins of WIRED fame.


After that, it was the turn of The Low Powered Vampires (aka The Pink Pointy Twins), featuring Beth on vocals. They were short but sweet, and went on to triumph a few weeks later at the Forum's Fetish Night. Then came old favourites The Disturbed (the "Garage" ones, not the death metal band from Australia, or the punk band from Oxted in the 70s), followed by the gutsy TV21 from Portsmouth, afficionados of the Brighton and London Retro Surf Scene, along with Dan The Twang's bands The Charles Napiers.